Fun Date Ideas

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  • TristanBigIsland ( 52 / M / Hilo, HI )

    Well if we are on the Big Island of Hawaii, we would have bbq on the beach then watch the stars and listen to the waves. If on mainland Bar Sinister, the Chamber, Chaos, The Batcave, Ruin Hollywood or my fav, the Maledic...  read more >>

  • Ash71791 ( 26 / W / Wheeling, WV )

    I love to take a walk or a jog at night, possibly get something to eat, and explore the area.

  • HDeLuca ( 26 / W / Brighton, England - Sussex )

    Movies on my projector and cuddling up!

  • Crow333 ( 35 / W / Brisbane, Queensland )

    Ha ha ha Drinks somewhere ... keep it casual with good conversation.

  • Malinovaya ( 18 / M / Woodstock, GA )

    Are you up for piano and singing? How about a martial arts exhibition from me?

  • LegacyofKane ( 23 / M / United States )

    I'd like to introduce myself by doing the thing I enjoy most: walking. I would prefer night, but I get not wanting to do that the first time you meet someone. We could bring our own food and have a midnight dinner.

  • RavenWanderer ( 24 / W / Pine Lake, GA )

    Nothing big and flashy, I just want to get to know you.

  • kiruko ( 25 / W / Trojmiasto, Pomorskie )

    Any place which is more interesting/original at night (like a city, or seashore), or becomes more exciting under the moonlight (like walking near forest etc), is preferable by me (and hopefully preferable by you of cours...  read more >>

  • VampBiteMe ( 18 / W / Kalispell, MT )

    stargazing is a major one!! painting, walking in the graveyard and just anythis you're creative mind can come up with.

  • Breathe_No_More ( 19 / W / Southampton, England - Hampshire )

    Spontaneous Drives, Movies, Music, Concerts, Graveyard Walks, Moonlight Walks, Food, Shopping, Chilling

  • EscapeTheGemz ( 19 / W / Warrnambool, Victoria )

    I'm not good at describing so you know walks at night, the beach at night. I like night time especially if I'm in a city XD

  • Ahazel ( 24 / W / St. Albans, England - Hertfordshire )

    It's simple, kill the batman, nah though not this night I jest...we go to the forest graveyard, light the fire circle, get high and assign our souls (or this lucky date will) to his lord Belial. Then we all fuck in the c...  read more >>

  • Quasior13 ( 40 / W / Burnie, Tasmania )

    I like being spontaneous... I am up for fun and unusual ideas...

  • avery_howard ( 26 / W / Fort Cobb, OK )

    A walk would be nice and maybe a night under the stars together

  • Lexiii2000 ( 19 / W / Lewisport, KY )

    My ideal date may not be "traditional " or "romantic " but I would like to just watch our favorite shows or listen to our favorite music and order food and cuddle then we could go to the store and jus...  read more >>

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