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  • ZedGalaxy95 ( 23 / M / Marshalltown, IA )

    Well how about a hike through a wooded area and have it end with a nice picnic by the river with some music playing in the background.

  • ValGherris ( 100 / M / Rockwood, ON )

    Go for a walk around some nice place, maybe grab a coffee or tea, or something. Talk. That wouls be a good first face-to-face date.

  • Vanhelsing96 ( 22 / M / Springfield, MO )

    Being out in nature is the best way to get to know somebody.

  • LordMalsoh25 ( 19 / M / American Fork, UT )

    I Think a good first date should really just be walking around and talking because although it may not be romantic it's a good way to get to know each other and if either party is unhappy they are not forced to be there...  read more >>

  • LordMalsoh ( 19 / M / American Fork, UT )

    It's not very romantic but it's a good method to get to know each other just by talking and if it goes south no one is in no means forced to stay because we are just walking.

  • LostBoyD ( 37 / M / Egg Harbor Township, NJ )

    Have a drink or two head down to the beach or cemetery and walk in the moonlight. Lady's choice.

  • Aves_Lepidoptera ( 20 / W / Marburg, Hessen )

    ... oder irgendwo anders in der Natur, wo es abgelegen, ruhig und idyllisch ist - am besten ohne Autos, Häuser, Straßen und andere Menschen in näherer Reichweite ;D. ... or somewhere else outdoors wiithout any present...  read more >>

  • SensualStella ( 22 / W / Huntington Park, CA )

    It would be perfect to walk out to the beach during sunset. We would just hang out and talk, getting to know each other. :]

  • carlosaceves ( 30 / M / aguascalientes, Aguascalientes )

    de ahí vamos a comer...o algo lo que sea...igual sobran los temas de conversación.

  • T1m0thy ( 24 / M / New Baltimore, MI )


  • sablecrow28 ( 30 / W / Reading, PA )

    Im an easy going person,that said Im sure we would both be more comfortable in a some what more public place. There are a few crazy ppl out there...

  • Helheim24 ( 22 / M / Clovis, CA )

    A nice night of walking around town for a few hours, spending the time talking, getting to know one another better. Perhaps we have a picnic in a park or cemetery.

  • dollacesolace ( 25 / W / Van Nuys, CA )

    Not a workout but a little time with nature so we can talk to one another

  • babybat97 ( 20 / W / Waco, TX )

    i would take you out to dinner (your choice) then the movies ( horror so when youre scared i can protect you) then after all that sitting, it would be nice to stretch our legs on a nice moon lit walk though the park

  • stephyc ( 21 / W / nairobi, Nairobi Area )

    Describe your first date ideas here. For example: How about we have a candlelight dinner and then take a nice walk on the beach.

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